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Your own ChatGPT chatbot

Train your chatbots with your data from any file or website. Chat to ask questions and find information, or embed it as a widget on your website to assist your users.
AI Assistant
Upload your data

Feed your chatbot with your custom data from different files like PDF, DOC, etc., or scan any website content automatically.

Ask any question

Interact with the chatbot by asking anything you want like general questions, summaries, analyses and reports.

Get useful answers

Get your answers in seconds along with the associated reference to the source data. Then export the chat as a file for a convenient offline consultation.


Three ways to use it

Dive into your data
Internal Chat

Chat with your data privately to get all the information you need like answers, summaries, reports. You get also a reference to the exact portions of the trained documents that match with the answer like the PDF filename and page number or the websites link.

Try the demo
Hello. Ask me anything about your data...
Just now - Sources
Provide a summary of the annual revenues for the last three years. Also show the YoY growth %.
Just now - Sources
In the past three years, the revenue showed a significant upward trend. Here's a summary:

• 2020: $21.5 million
• 2021: $24.6 million (+14%)
• 2022: $31.5 million (+28%)
Just now - Sources
Build Great Apps
Powerful APIs

Use our flexible yet powerful APIs to create your own applications. Create your chatbots, upload data sources, send messages and get the answers. View past chats and exports them for an offline consultation. All via the APIs.

Read the docs
  "prompt": "Provide me with a list of the most significant advancements in AI."
  "response": "1. Neural Networks: Revolutionary deep learning techniques used for image recognition, natural language processing, and game playing.
2.Reinforcement Learning: Empowering autonomous systems and robotics through algorithms that learn from trial and error.
3.Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)..."
200 OK
Assist your users
Website Widget

Embed your chatbot into your website to support your customers. It is able to answer any question related your website itself or any other data you provided. A 24/7 tireless agent.

Open the widget
Website AI Assistant
Hello! How can I assist you?
What are the pricing plans?
Our pricing plans include:

• Basic ($9.99/mo)
• Standard ($19.99/mo)
• Premium ($29.99/mo)

For detailed information, please visit our website's pricing page.

Give it a try

Chat with the following data:

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More info about Chatbolt.

What is Chatbolt?
Chatbolt allows you to create your own chatbot trained on your personal data. After your documents and links are trained, you can ask questions to the AI about any information present in that data. You can use it via the private internal chat, the API and the customizable widget on your website.
Do you offer a free plan?
You can create one chatbot for free with some limitations in the number of messages you can send and number of text characters you can train.
Do you keep a copy of my files? How is it secure?
In order to interact with your data, a chatbot must be able to access your uploaded files anytime. To do so we store a copy of your documents on our CDN and vector database that are both SOC 2 certified. They kept private and are accessible only through your internal chatbot, API or your widget.
What kind of data sources are supported?
You can train your chatbot by uploading files in several formats including PDF, Doc, ePub. You can also link any public accessible website to have its content scanned.
Can I customize the chatbot widget?
Yes, you can customize the look of the widget by using your logo, colors and name. You can also choose the initial default messages and suggested topics. Finally you can decide the tone of the AI, between casual, neutral and formal, as well as provide a fully customized prompt to change the AI behavior.
How does the pricing work?
According to the choosen plan you have a certain number of monthly messages, number of chatbots and number of trained characters. Here are the available plans.
How long does it take to train my chatbot?
The training duration depends on the amount and type of data. Generally it takes 1 to 15 minutes to parse and analyze your documents and links.
How can I create my own embedded chatbot?
You can embed a chatbot on your website to support your users in three easy steps:

1. Add your website as data source: all your website's pages will be scanned and used to train the chatbot
2. Customize the look of your chatbot: choose your colors, add your logo, set the initial messages and suggested questions
3. Embed the widget: Grab your embed code and put it on your website
4. You are done!
What language do you support?
We support almost any language as ChatGPT can interpret and answer in more than 85 languages.